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Insurance Bad Faith Attorney Asheville NC

Insurance bad faith occurs when an insurance company fails to abide by the terms and conditions of the insured’s policy and willfully refuses to pay a legitimate claim. Insurance companies owe a duty of fair dealing with the persons they protect. If insurance companies violate good faith, the insured person may sue the insurance company.

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The following are some of the reasons that insurance companies get sued for bad faith:

  • Unwarranted denial of coverage
  • Failure to communicate pertinent information
  • Refusal to pay the claim without investigating
  • Failure to administer a reasonable investigation of the claim
  • Failure to respond to a time-limit demand
  • Failure to deny or confirm coverage within a fair amount of time

Bad faith insurance claims depend on their circumstances but will most likely result in a settlement with the insurance company, an arbitration decision, or a verdict one way or another.

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